Rendering [Do I need to rebuild lighting if only changing light color?]

Do you need to rebuild “lighting” if you ONLY change the color of your lights when you render? Or can you just change the light colors without having to rebuild and still be able to change cameras to render?

If your lights are static, then technically for fully calculated lighting, yes you will need to rebake. If your lights are stationary you can get away with changing color and intensity even but not other attributes or position. Keep in mind that even if changing stationary lights colors and intensities, while the engine wont tell you you have to rebake, it can still potentially change the look of the image because I don’t think bounce lighting will update on stationary lights without being baked (Someone correct me if I’m wrong…).

If you go to the top left of your viewport and hit that little drop down arrow, you can show Stats (Shift+L), If you need to rebuild your lights, the engine will always tell you with a helpful (LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT) Message :stuck_out_tongue:

For stationary lights Indirect part will be wrong. If your use case does not need indirect part at all then it will be fine.