Rendered spline colour seems faded


I’ve got a cylindrical spline that’s rendered outwards like a ribbon that runs through my level, however the material attached to this is red but for some reason it’s rendered on play as more pink than red, particularly the bottom of the cylindrical structure.

Please have a look at the images in the following thread:

I’d really appreciate some help in rectifying this.


Hi Delta1,

It looks like the lighting in your scene is causing that pink shade on the bottom of the cylinder. If you want to guarantee a solid red color use the unlit shading model for your material.

If I had to guess, I would say you have a skylight in your map that is causing the mesh to be under lit like that. So, if you want it be default lit I would try tweaking the skylight’s influence on that mesh. It’s still just a guess without knowing your lighting setup.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Ed,

When I use the unlit mode for the spline it renders black in game.

Theres a stationary directional light lightsource and a stationary skylight actor in the map.

but how exactly do I tweak this (skylight) so it works, can you explain this like you would to an idiot, because I really am both an idiot and a beginner!

I’d really appreciate your help mate! D.

The reason your mesh is black in the unlit mode is because the unlit mode uses the emissive input and if you didn’t plug anything in, it will be black by default.

As far as editing the skylight, there is a checkbox labeled " lower hemisphere is solid color" if you have that unchecked it will light the underside of things with the skylight since by default the solid color is black.

If you don’t want to mess with your skylight, you can also try setting the ambient occlusion input to 0 so you reduce the skylight influence on that material.(keep in mind this will also reduce any indirect/baked lighting)

Thanks for that Ed it really is much appreciated.

But what exactly do I need to plug into the emissive input for the unlit mode to work correctly, I’m an absolute amateur, as you can tell.

Hi Ed,

By using the emissive input it gets me a red line, but it seems incredibly jagged when it renders in game.

I cant find a checkbox in the skylight settings called “lower hemisphere is solid colour”, however there is a “lower hemisphere is black” checkbox, however when I select it, it looks like someones gone over the bottom of the line with a black felt pen.

By adding a constant with a value of 0.0 to the materials ambient occlusion input adds a blackened underside but not quite as heavy as the above.

Mate, whats the easiest way of fixing this?!

The option Lower Hemisphere is Solid color exists in later versions of UE since there wasn’t a product version listed in this post I assumed you were working out of 4.13.

Looking at your screenshot the entire scene appears to have significant aliasing (jaggedness). This can be a result of your engine scalability settings being too low OR you aren’t using TemporalAA. Using TemporalAA will fix the jaggedness.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to explain further. You can find plenty of information on most of the things you need in the documentation.


Thanks Ed yes you were right it was the AA setting