Render to Screen During Blocking Operation

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a loading screen for a project. The traditional methods do not work, as none of the content being loaded is prebaked/placed - it’s all generated at run time, when the user selects “New Game”.

I’ve tried the movie player, which works, except that it doesn’t run inside the editor (there’s a GIsEditor check forcing it to load a NULL movie player instead). I would like a solution that runs inside the editor, as well as outside.

Level streaming doesn’t work either, as it’s all being generated at run time (in a BeginPlay function).

So, the current solution I’m looking at - Is there any way for me to force the renderer to render out a widget during a blocking operation? I’m wondering if I can update the data on a widget during the loading/generation, and then inform the renderer that it needs to redraw the widget, and have that occur while the game thread continues to generate.

My next step, if that isn’t possible, is to break the generation up over multiple frames - but this isn’t ideal, as it would add a chunk of extra overhead and complicate several other things.

Or, is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!