Render targets across all child classes rendering the same

Hi all, I have a parent “paintable object” class which creates a render target that I can paint to at run-time. I’m attempting to create child classes for each type of object that the player can paint on in the game; however, each of the child classes’ objects in game all render the same way. I’m assuming this is because each child class is creating a single render target that each of its copies in the level use, thus allowing for the player to paint on one of the copies to paint on all of the copies at the same time.

I’m trying to avoid having to make a child class of the “paintable object” parent for each instance of a paintable rock, for example, to avoid similar paint marks across all instances of a given paintable object in a given level. Is there some way to have it so each instance of a child class makes their own render target during run-time?

Hello! Do you really need all that Render Targets every time? Or you can use one Render Target at the moment and just move Scene Capture Camera from time to time when you need? As for textures - you can effectively copy data from RenderTarget to usual Texture with C++ and memcpy operation