Render, Shadows, Please Help 2 Beginner)

Friends, please help)
Just started to learn the software and is already on the verge of having to quit) stalled at the very beginning

It is not possible to achieve clear shadows and generally some kind of render quality
Spent 2 days to see different lessons on lighting, and to sample, nothing helps
He put different versions of Unreal, also not

Actually the question) how to achieve that with the same settings turned out as well as in the lessons?)
Can not dully include some daw in the project settings? (Allow static lights - enabled)
Or can direct X or the card does not support, and in general there was someone like this?)

Thank you in advance! Below are the screenshots of the settings

my settings Lightmass
lightmap res х32
lightmap res x128
1024 and even 2048 also lowres

tutorials that I watched