Render movie


When I render a movie in the level sequencer, in settings, I have no codec choice and I am forced to use Avi only. When I read the online documentation, it seems to be possible since there is an input filed for this option in the render movie settings panel.

I have external encoders packs installed on my windows 7 workstation.

Any idea ? Is this something to enable somewhere in a config file ?

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Don’t render to a video file, save to an image sequence and then put it together in a video editing program.

Thank you for the advice. That’s what I was planning to do later on. Thanks to you I am not going to waste time trying to find an answer to this :wink:

I needed something fast to do a few tests render and quite liked the way one could save a fuly baked 1080p video in real time. Quite convenient for previews…

I ll need external tools anyway since I have to add a soundtrack to this movie (Davinci Resolve is my best option)