Render Low Resolutions in multiples for Pixel Perfect display?

Return of Obra Dinn offered three distinct choices of display. Smooth, which prevents pixel doubling on full screen by smoothing pixel edges. Sharp, which bases off of your screen resolution and scale up in multiples to it. And Shrink 1-3. Which makes it from what I see the original game resolution.

Is this possible in Unreal Engine 4? I want to be able to give the user the option to select whether they want full screen rendering or 1x, 2x rendering of 700x400 resolution. I tried the render target and scaling the UMG in multiples route, but it messes up the ability to interact with the UI as everything is point and click.

The following is an example from Return of the Obra Dinn. If there is an engine source modification I can do to make this happen, It’d be greatly appreciated.