Render HUGE frame? Region render?

I need to render single HUGE frame from a scene I have and the max framesize in sequencer is .
The final image will be printed on 30ft long banner and @ 72 dpi I am expecting 25500 pixels.
Do you guys know of a way to render this out? Is there a way to cut it down to multiple frames? what about overlapping ?
I used to use 3dsmax and with region net render this was very easy.

Any ideas?

There’s the High Resolution Screenshot Tool:

However, it uses your GPU memory and if you set it too high then the program will crash. The amount of GPU memory you have is going to be lower than your system memory so it can fill up easily.
Most likely, you should render at a lower resolution and then just scale up, it’s very rare to have something that big with an image that’s that same resolution.