Render from different cameras all gameplay.

Hello. I want to render all the gameplay from few different camera .
I’m using the movie render queue.
Each game will take 50 min.
I’m looking to understand how to make it run render faster / or if I should use different kind of render pipeline/ settings.
I have the 4070 rtx,64 ram.

I think I would need more information in order to give you a tailored answer to fit your needs. For instance, you could try to use multiple computers to offload rendering to multiple sources. Is the game always playing out the same way (Deterministic)? If it does, you could simply just run the render multiple times from each camera.

The gameplay will remain the same, but unfortunately we don’t have the option to add more computers, which is a problem. We want to make use of the system’s capabilities to potentially record at 120 frames per second and then encode it to 30 frames per second to achieve faster results. However, I’m not sure where to start or how to make it happen. Using the standard movie pipeline is very time-consuming.

Recording at 120 frames per second will be a heavy operation. If you are using Path Tracing it would take even longer. I suggest that you record at a say 30 and use AI for adding transition frames or something similar; that is if speed and size is important.