Render a mesh inside a widget and rotate it

theres something I want to try for a while and I dont find any easy way :


  • Select an object inside your game.
  • Create a widget where you can examine the object, rotate it in the XYZ axis and zoom in/out.
  • Behind this menu, theres a blurry image of the paused game -any DOF postpro volume I guess-

I tried several tutorials from here and there, but I dont find any step to step solution or where to start correctly.
I used a green screen but the mesh looks with jagged edges and doesnt have a clean finish in the screen.

So, any tips? tutorials? any new way to do this in 4.14 or so?

Thanks in advance!

Render it in black box to dynamic texture, ie make hollow black box, set its walls to black unlit material. puyt some light source inside, put your mesh. And scene capture.
then make transparent (or masked) material out of it.

Didnt know u could mask scene capture, adding it to my character in inventory view. Thanks, i had a black screen behind.