Remote video hosting for display in UMG widgets (with proper playback controls)

We have a series of remotely-hosted videos we want to allow the user to play (with full playback controls) within UMG widgets.

It is not practical that we package all these videos (which we update regularly) in the UE4 project itself, so we would prefer the videos remain remotely-hosted.

When developing a website, we simply embed the video files in a web page, which works fine with any number of video hosting services.

However, with this Unreal project, the experimental UE4 “Web Browser” widget component uses Chromium 59 on desktop and WebKit on mobile; WebKit is fine, but even the latest version of Chromium does not support the h.264 video codec, and as such is not compatible with the platform we currently use to host our video files (Wistia) and likely many other video hosting platforms.

The UE4 “video stream” widget provides no playback controls by default.

Given the available options, what is the recommended course of action to allow users to play remotely-hosted videos (with proper playback controls) within a UMG widget?