Remake of a Mutator - Need help with Physics to make similiar to UT99

I’m remaking a mutator of the UT99 to make a standalone game in UE4. But I’m having trouble to replicate the physics of UT99. Because the original mutator only changes the speed of walking, Jump Z and other small things. I don’t want assists, dodges, double jumps, and that stuff. I simply want a constant speed in everything you do (jump, walk forward/left/right/back, …). It’s almost like that doesn’t have any physics present, only gravity. Once I have the physics similar I will start to make my adjustments. :slight_smile:
What values or what should I to replicate the physics of UT99?

Maybe post this UT specific question in the UT forum

Not really … the OP is trying to recreate the mutator effect from UT in UE … so it belongs here.