Relocating Tutorial Window

**Hi guys, I’m new to unreal engine, just finished it downloading and already loving it.

What I like the most is that even tough there are videos tutorial all over the internet, you guys made a own tutorial inside the engine. It is well made it covers all basic area (at least I think). Trough out the tutorial there was one thing that bugged me and that was that I couldn’t do any change to that text.

You guys made it possible so that every ‘group’ can be re-sized and relocated and stuff. But din’t do it on the tutorial text. Like I skipped today to the material tutorial and it was time to add some color, I needed to particularly read the tutorial step first before I could add some color and go to the next step. Now if I could have re-size/-locate, then I could go step by step with the tutorial text right next to it. Which would be ideal to me as a beginner.

So in short if you guys could make the tutorial text (well I only focused on the tutorial text could be more text that I don’t know yet) re-size/-locate, then I will relocate myself to the ‘Happiest Beginner Group’ (if there is any) :smiley:

Yours faithfully,

A Beginner**