Relocating object bugs working code

Okay, not entirely sure that this is where my question should be posed, and I also appologize if somebody else has posted a question of this topic, but I was not able to find anything.

So the scenario is this:

We have a server and a client. The server pretty much does everything. When starting the game, we force the client to use a seperate camera as view (this works). The server can then manipulate where the camera rotates to.

Now, the problem is, that when testing this (having the server and the external camera close to eachother), it actually worked perfectly, but(!) when moving the external camera to where it is supposed to be located on the scene, the client still gets the view of this camera (as it should), but the camera does not move anymore when server tries to manipulate it.

We tried to make a new project, in which we only had a few objects (a floor the sky and so on), and in that project, it did not matter that we move the external camera at all, ergo, something in our project must be wrong, but we cannot figure out what it is.

We have an idea that it may have something to do with either the post process volume, the fog or perhaps the blocking square that we have limited our scene with. This is because the moment we move the external camera up and out of these boxes, the server stops being able to manipulate the external camera.

We really don’t have a clue to why this is, and even tried to create both a blocking square and the post process volume at the location of the external camera, but this did nothing.

Help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

So we found the solution. It turned out that the manipulation of the camera was done through “SetWorldRotation”, which worked on the bottom, but not the accturate location, but when changing this to “AddWorldRotation”/“AddLocalRotation”, everything worked!

It still does not make any sense though.