Relocate bones in animations


I got some foes, whose skeleton is based on the old UE Mannequin but now, I want to use those with the new one. So I tried assigning the new skeleton and new mesh, but now some body parts dont look right, for example the arms are a little bit too high. When I try to relocate these and save, they pop back to their old position as if i never changed anything.

Can I make these changes in UE or do I need to use an external 3D program (which i’d really like to avoid)?

Have you followed the steps here?

Yea, after looking at the animations coming with engine I think its the mannequin and not the retargeting thats causing the problem. Still, if I could relocate/rotate bones, that would solve the problem…

This should help if i’m understanding you correctly:

It is a bit of extra work but thats the only way you can manipulate bones the way you like without going back to an external program.