Reloading game module without restarting the editor

Is there anyway (through modifying the editor source or a feature in the editor) to reload a game module that has just been recompiled in Visual Studio?
I’ve found that it is way faster to recompile in VS than ‘Recompile game code’ in the editor.

Weird I get about the same speed. In theory, it really shouldn’t matter where you compile the code. Ideally, they both invoke the same arguments. Ideally

I updated my build.cs to tweak it to compile small/empty projects fast. By default, builds are configured to compile large projects fast

[edit] Also, I bet all they do is reload the DLL in the Editor? maybe you could change that button to instead unload/reload the DLL and skip the compile step. I forgot the command in Win32 DLL you use to unload a DLL. Search the code for that

I was going to try to change some code if there isn’t a solution. That’s a good idea though I think it’s more complicated than simply reloading the dll. I’ll look into it. Thanks.