Releasing open-source or free games

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but is there anything in Epic’s UE4 license that would stop someone from releasing a game or project as Open-Source?
By open-source I mean simply releasing all assets and project files (blueprints, scripts etc) for the game for other people to download (obviously this would only include content specific to that game and wouldn’t include any core UE4 code), something like the Content Examples and the other games currently free on the Marketplace.

Or another alternative, what about just giving the binaries away for free, essentially just releasing a free game without providing the assets or code. If you were to receive donations as a business, would those count towards the total gross revenue?

Thanks for any replies.

Hi Sonshi,

I would recommend having a look at the EULA as it covers all of the questions you are currently asking. Here is the link EULA - Unreal Engine. Have a great day!


“Please read this Agreement carefully before downloading this software.” blushes

I’ll give it a read now, thanks for the link :smiley: