[RELEASED] trueSKY Alpha for UE4: Complete Sky and Weather System

I’d like to announce the imminent release of trueSKY Alpha.

trueSKY is perhaps the leading sky and weather middleware, to be seen in triple-A games from Ubisoft, Bohemia Interactive and many more.
trueSKY Alpha is the indie version - it comes as a royalty-free yearly subscription, and is available to any individual developer, or companies of four people or fewer, for any project with a budget under $100k. The yearly subscription price is £150 per seat, reduced to £75 per seat if you buy before the official release date of 3rd September 2014.

As it’s a plugin, it won’t be available on Marketplace for a while yet, until then you can find it at our website.

Some coding is required! You’ll find instructions here on what you’ll need to do.


  • Day-night cycle based on latitude, longitude, time-of-year
  • Fully real-time, everything is dynamic
  • High performance rendering
  • Dynamic volumetric atmospherics and fog
  • Fully volumetric clouds – no sprites, impostors or billboards
  • Moving cloud shadows on the ground
  • Clouds you can fly through
  • Real time weather changes – create keyframed weather sequences
  • Rain and snow – define movable precipitation areas.
  • Full integration: drive Unreal Engine’s lighting from trueSKY; drive trueSKY’s properties from Unreal.



The first official release is 3rd September 2014; until then, licences are half-price and we welcome any feedback and bug reports. If you have any questions, I’m happy to field them here, or via email at [EMAIL=“”]

Simul Software Ltd


Looks promising, got any video?

Yeah, it would be cool to see a video demonstration.

I’ll post a proper product video in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, here’s a short one we made to demonstrate the cloud shadows:

UPDATE: I’ve added the introductory video to the initial post!

awesome! sold in the first slider drag in the top video! I need it.

wow, this is a must have…

So no support for OSX at the moment? This is a deal breaker for me. I develop cross platform.

Looks really awesome. I going to give the trial a go !

Couple of questions:
How’s it look from above the clouds?
Can I evaluate it?
If I let my subscription lapse, can I still access the maps, etc? Or will those throw errors/ not load? How is that handled?

I’m evaluating it now, it seems powerful.
But is it possible to access, at runtime from blueprint or code, at the keyframed properties of the sky and clouds?

same question, what happens when the subscription ends?

Everything looks nice but price… :frowning: 200 euro .

Same question, what happen when subscription ends?

Looks like a great plugin, guys! Thanks for integrating it into the engine.

truesky mak me happy :slight_smile:
my short test

What’s the performance impact?

this testscene works with 120fps on 760gtx

I really want to use that but that price…

Simply cannot afford it :frowning:

Guess I should have been more specific.

Edit: Will you make an offering in USD opposed to British Pounds sterling?

Also like others have said - What happens if I let me subscription lapse?

I have to agree. Also, the ambiguity about the licensing terms and lack of response from the developer in this forum isn’t exactly giving me reason to plop down a chunk of money.
It’s tough to justify the price when the engine it’s running in is about the same price, and it has a LOT more in the way of features :confused:

Looks like they have updated their site with a 15 pounds sterling monthly subscription.

But still no word on what happens if I let my subscription lapse.

If I get to keep the tool and just need to pay for updates I am sold.

Totally. I’d be on it in a second if that were the case. I’m DYING to put my “Personal Jet” map to the test! My environment right now is pretty… lackluster :stuck_out_tongue: