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Sabatons (armoured footwear) are done.

That’s the plate arms done. However there is a gap at the back of the shoulders which is a skinning issue. Even Blender addons Auto Rig Pro and Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning addons cannot solve this and it will require manual weight painting which is a fiddly process and some bright spark could make a killing fixing this problem with the skinning process.

Done some Spaulders:

I’ve created a gauntlets skeletal mesh

I’ve been trying to make a cloak which uses the Cloth Physics as well but it didn’t turn out well the first time so I clearly need to understand it better before creating something like a cloak.

So I’ve had to read the docs, view the Content Examples (very interesting), watch some youtube videos (meh only basic info found so far) and create various simple cloaks with different geometry and Cloth parameters.

Here are some screenshots of test number 4. It looks and moves ok but its too thin, doesn’t have a hood, strings or buckles and is using an Epic-example burlap cloth material. Making it thick and ensuring the geometry doesn’t overlap itself may be a big problem but it seems possible somehow judging by the looks of the Owen skeletal mesh in the Content Examples (screenshot of him with a leather jacket on is below). I just need to figure out how to do it (make it thick and not overlap itself). If anyone knows how or came across the info before please post a link.

By “overlap itself” I mean that the inner cloth faces move through the outer cloth faces and become visible on the outside as the cloth is flapping around during Play / Simulate. This is one of the problems I need to overcome in order to make a nice cloak.


Edit: Found a solution to the “faces overlapping during simulation” here: The official project with the thickness of the fabric file - UE4 AnswerHub

OK so after a lot of research I finally managed to make a cape (a simpler version of a cloak) that has thickness to it, moves ok and looks ok. Next I’ll try make one with a hood, i.e. a full cloak. Its white in order to allow the colour to be easily changed in the instanced material. I’m going to have to redo the spaulders as it isnt shaped to be compatible with a cape/cloak. I’ll also add some fixtures to the breastplate so that the cloak can appear to be fixed to it with a little hook going through a metal loop.

Video: Thick cape with cloth physics. - YouTube

New spaulders without a ridge.

I’ve added some static mesh representations of the skeletal mesh armour.

(For the next version of the product)

See video of me equipping all the armour parts in-game:

I’ve made my Trello “to-do list” board public for your curiosity.

Happy new year

Video progress update about version 2: RPG User Interface Kit V2 Progress Video - YouTube

Does it support 4.26 now?

It does now.

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V2.1 now downloadable via Epic Launcher.

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V2.2 now downloadable via Epic Launcher.