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Support Thread for the RPG User Interface Kit
A High Fantasy RPG User Interface Core Framework

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Please post suggestions or support requests here and I shall endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

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Version History

  • 21-Nov-2019 - Initial release (version 1.0 released for UE 4.23.1 only).
  • 20-Dec-2019 - Released version 1.1 for UE 4.22.3, UE 4.23.1 and* UE 4.24.1. *These are currently being reviewed by Epic Games. The new User Guide is here. See the What’s New section of the User Guide for details of the changes.
  • 25-Dec-2019 - Added How Tos Q12 and Q13 to the v1.0 User Guide

Currently working on for next release due Q4 2020

  1. Save game system
  2. Combat system
  3. Gamepad controls

Latest update

**29th Nov 2020 - **I’ve finally managed to merge the Advanced ARPG Melee Combat System v1.0 with RPG User Interface Kit. If anyone has a copy of both products and wants a copy of this merged project just send me a message/email with evidence of purchase. (The merged project UE version is UE4.25.4). Video : . I will now return to creating a demo character with skeletal mesh equipment, a combat system , save game facility, gamepad controls.

Kia ora

This is the blueprint for my TP-FP character, I think (sorry can’t remember now) a lot of the code on the right is from you other project (Bottom right) the top right I think is toggle firts, third person
the issue I have mostly is when I try copy this stuff accross to another charater I get variables allready in use erors and I don’t know how to get thos variables for the code to use. I can right click and remake ot updat the debug and cameraToggled BUT adding the FP_Cramera it adds a 1 on the end.

The “Zoom in and Out” and the code over on the right is added to the Quang character, I removed the VR code because it errors in your project and I won’t be using it anyway. I’m just not sure what to copy where

I notice that adding you other project to this one there no player interface to use so the Medieval Village does not work, shame they don’t work together

Kia ora Kiwi-hawk,

I recommend that you start off with my RPG User Interface Kit. i.e. Go to your *Vault *in the Epic Games Launcher and locate the RPG User Interface Kit asset then click *Create Project *button underneath the words RPG User Interface Kit.

Then modify the *BP_RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter *class to have the desired skeletal mesh and additional functionality such as zoom out/in controls to achieve your desired third person functionality.

You will need to at least add a Spring Arm and another *Camera *to the Components section to achieve this. I recommend that you open up a sample project containing the Third Person Character template and examine its Spring Arm and *Camera component settings *and how the mouse is handled within the Blueprint *Event Graph. *You will also need to add nodes that allow you to switch between the 2 cameras. Do you need help with figuring out how to do all that?

To add interaction with the doors, shutters, chests and candles from the Medieval Buildings Volume 1 you need go to your Vault and add the Medieval Buildings Volume 1 asset to your project that you just created. Then do the following:

  1. Drag in the BP_Inn_A into your world. It may take 30 seconds to finish loading it once you let go of the mouse button.
  2. Open the /MedievalBuildings01/FirstPersonBP/Blueprints/FirstPersonCharacter class
  3. In the Event Graph select and copy the following nodes :
  4. Open the /RPGUIKit/Blueprints/BP_RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter and paste those nodes into the Event Graph near the top here:
  5. Join the Process Other Interaction node to the LineTraceByChannel node that you just pasted in:
  6. Now you can Compile, Play and see that you can now open the door.

Thank you for that tutorial mate

The trick for me I think at this point is getting the Quang female skeleton and animations to work under your controller so she’s not running like a bloke.
I’ve taken this

And this

And pasted them both here

Hoping I got this much right and just need to get the character working

Looking good mate. Were those Toggle First/Third Person nodes copied from the Quang character blueprint?

By the way I recommend that you select large groups of nodes like these and then right click them and select Collapse to Function to tidy it all up into a single node.

Yes had a use help me by writing the toggle code I could had to my Quang charater that was copied in along with that code from the Medieval Village
spose I best drop this in there too?


If I want the Zoom feature

I wonder if having a character like this by default would not make this a lot more attractive to you clients (dreams are free lol)
Jus need to figuer out how to retarget the Quang Female to the FPS character so she use’s her own animations now

Could you post a larger version of the image please? Thanks!

This better

I got the character in and working, I can toggle between First and third person I can use the traderand run round all over in Firt person BUT thrid person the mouse locks up and tthe log fills with this:

The only thing I added aprt from the code from your other asset is:

This is whats in my Quang character

It is saying that the Player Controller variable inside BP_RPG_Character contains no value (null). I dont recognise those nodes. Are you using my blueprints or quangs? You can tell by looking at your Game mode setting in World Settings. You need to use my Player controller and First person blueprints not quang’s unless you want to spend a few weeks in blueprint hell :slight_smile:

First personGameMod and a BP_RPG_charater which is a duplicate of your firstperson character. I copied the section of that last picture which is Quang’s blueprint edited
into your blueprint here, (I expanded and moved the sections I added so you can see what has be placed into my game blueprint which is made from a duplicate of your bluprint

Im not sure a copy of my class will work as i think there are Cast to RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter nodes in some places which is casting to a specific class. A child class might work though and I think is probably better because when I update the package it will be less of a pain for you to integrate the new version into your existing projects without redoing a lot of work.

I also noticed you omitted which player controller your project is using. Please supply a screenshot of your Maps and Modes area in Project Settings and the Game Mode area of your World Settings (which can override the Maps and Modes settings).

This what yor looking for?

Looks ok but as previously mentioned, I recommend that you **do not use a copy **of the *BP_RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter *and modify it, and change the skeletal mesh etc. **I recommend that you use a child class of *BP_RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter ***instead. So by this I mean, right-click *BP_RPGUIKit_FirstPersonCharacter *and select Create Child Class. Then go to World Settings and set the Default Pawn Class to that child class you just created then add all the new nodes into its Event Graph, adding in any input events there you need like the Interact event and the Mouse Wheel Up and Mouse Wheel Down. If you do this, and you result in having the same events in the parent class and the child class, then what will happen, when you press play and trigger those events, is that the events in the parent class will fire followed by the events in the child class. It should basically therefore work as expected.

That seems much better, it’s down to no not liking the second “Set Active” in the toggle first/third Person block and I still have the mouse locked in third person

Thank you very very much by the way for ALL your help. You Sir are a GEM to be sure

Did this wee bit of video, not sure it helps much but hey

It did not like the line trace in the followCamera

With a bit of luck theis lot might help other trying the same trick

Can I see a screenshot of your entire window when you have the BP_RPG_Child_Character blueprint open and on the Event Graph tab, please?

I did this thinking it’d show more that a static picture that wa to samll to see…59-12.mp4?dl=0

I’ll put a pic here too jus in case

Hoping you can scrub through the video to see what you need

Forgot to ask, should I use your current “AttachToComponent” or the “MasterPoseComponebt” if I’m going to be using clothing change’s at some point when I learn how

Hi mate,

It looks like you’ve gone and pasted in everything from the parent classes’ Event Graph into the child classes’ Event Graph, is that correct? You didn’t need to do that because it inherits it all. You only need to paste in whats missing.

When you create the child class it initially looks like this:

Now even though the Event Graph looks pretty empty , this child class contains everything thats in the parent class. The beauty with this child class is that you can add additional functionality to it without modifying the parent making it kind of modular but you end up with a child class that contains the functionality and properties of both parent and child. In more laymans terms , unlike with human beings, in C++ and blueprint, child classes are actually a combination of the parent class+extra stuff you stick in the child class. You can act on all components that exist in the parent class from the child classes’ Event Graph.

Your error about FollowCamera being null could be because there isnt a FollowCamera component inside the Components area (shown inside the red circle within the screenshot) . I couldn’t see one in your video. Did you forget to add it to the Component area of the child?

I recommend that you spend a day going through this course before proceeding any further:…19056829921045