[Released] Ontario PBR Plant Pack

Hello, I’m excited to announce my first asset on the Unreal Engine MarketPlace: Ontario PBR Plant Pack

Update 1.1 has been released which contains 6 additional plant varieties and 28 unique plant meshes. Ambient occlusion maps have also been added to all previous plant materials. All materials have also been updated in 1.1 to include subsurface scattering effects.

Original release:
This asset contains 10 different plant varieties, and 56 unique plant meshes. All plants use fully realized PBR materials (base colour, normal, and metallic/roughness maps)

All plant assets were created by taking leafs from the area that I live in (Ontario) and scanning them at a maximum resolution of 1600DPI using a CCD scanner for increased depth. These were then carefully alpha’d before resizing to the nearest square resolution (usually 8192x8192, but in one case 2048x2048) After this work was done to generate the PBR textures at a max resolution of 4096x4096. This results in 9 of the plant varieties having a resolution of 4096x4096 for it’s textures, while one has 2048x2048 texture resoution.

I currently have 6 additional plant varieties that I am planning on adding to this package once work is complete on the PBR maps for them. They include several ornamental wheat grasses, as well as a fern-like plant, and a plant resembling a succulent elephant bush. I try to keep the names of the plants as close as possible to real world plants based on identification of plant species to the best of my ability (I am not a botanist though, but have several plant identification guides for my area that help with this through my university studies of biomedical engineering)

I’m relatively new to the unreal engine itself, and am excited to work further with the marketplace in the future. I currently have over 70gb of leaf scans to go through to create more meshes and add to this package as well as create additional packages at a similar cost. I am currently working on acquiring as many high-resolution leaf scans as possible while the summer season is here.

More details on the technical specifications as well as example screenshots and other information can be found on the marketplace link here: Ontario PBR Plant Pack in Props - UE Marketplace

Any questions, comments, criticisms, desires, are greatly appreciated and I will try my best to work with customers to fix any issues or improve my asset pack in any way they require.

Heres some quick example image of the stuff included in this asset:

Thank you for your time, Patrick Murphy.

You should show some images in your initial post :slight_smile:

Great idea!

Also would just like to mention that Update 1.1 was also released today, which includes 4 types of ornamental wheat grasses, and 2 other plant varieties.
All still come with 4096x4096 PBR-ready textures.

This update also adds ambient occlusion maps to all materials, and enables subsurface scattering to all materials as well!

Example screenshots and key images were also updated to better looking versions (At least I think so)

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear any possible improvements I could make to better showcase the assets on the marketplace itself.

This plant pack has been updated again to included some additional meshes, bringing the total up to 100 unique plant meshes.

The next update will include a transition to the two-sided material shader, along with material instances that allow the subsurface colour to be altered more easily.

Here are some updated screenshots of this asset pack:


Are you designing your plants with performance in mind? Plants like those should be able to be placed with a density almost as high as that of grass.
I like the plants, but I couldnt make use of them if I couldnt place them nearly as abundantly, as I would place grass.

As a native Ontario resident I find that these are great, although the materials can use a bit of work. Most of these plants have a bit of lustre to them and shine a bit, as well as the normal map appears to be a tad bit too strong on them. Otherwise these are great.

All the plants are pretty low poly, with a vertex count of 26-180. The texture resolution is very high obviously, as I wanted to preserve as much of the detail as possible, but the textures could easily be resized to smaller textures to improve performance.

Thanks Shirk! During the work flow to create the PBR materials I did my best to remove as much lighting information as possible that came in during the scanning process. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the materials? I am still working on improving the materials, and the next update will have material instances with some modifiable properties. This will also include a change to the two-sided vegetation shader along with a paramater to effect the subsurface colour, and the metallic value as well. I’ll try to look into methods to change the effects of normal maps and roughness values as well through the material tools.

Here’s a quick look at some of the material paramaters I will be exposing in the next update to this plant pack. These include normal strength, roughness value, metallic colour, and subsurface colour and opacity. The update will also include a change to the two-sided vegetation shader.

The latest update just went through to the marketplace and now this asset includes the previously shown material properties and a move to the 2-sided vegetation shader.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/thoughts/questions/concerns/feedback. Would love to hear from you.