[Released] Medieval Combat Sounds

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**Cafofo **proudly presents 1,072 high-quality sound effects for Medieval Combat, RPG, Fantasy Games, etc

**Includes: **

Weapons Hit and Damage, Weapons Draw, Stabs, Bow and Arrow, Wood and Metal Shields, Whooshes and Dashes, Magic Spells, Punches…
And much more!

Bonus: Armored Footsteps and Fantasy Interface Sounds

If it’s just for combat, I would also expect sounds for when weapons are sliding off each other or when arrows hit different kind of materials. sounds for sticks (when fighting with wooden weapons) and maybe even for when weapons break.

If it’s a complete sound pack for medieval/rpg/fantasy I would also expect a variety of stepping sounds on different ground materials (which seem to be covered already)
Sounds for weapon smithing, alchemy, crafting, trading and so on. Dropping/placing/throwing items… And maybe voices of the most common animals like horses, cows, pigs, rats, sheeps etc.

Hope this helps

As for me - price too low, if sounds are good.
Would insta-buy in case of:

  1. Different armor footsteps on different materials, like metal plate armor on stone, mood, wood, etc, same for chainmail, leather, cloth. Could be separate pack.
  2. For weapons - for different weapon types, i, actually, need different sound types.
    2.1 For swords - normal woosh before hit something (different length, preferably), then hit sound (depends on material), and slice sound (again for different materials), bounce sounds. Also could be separate pack.
    2.2 For blunt weapons - no slice, but completely different hit sounds, should include different materials “crashing”, like flesh in armor, stone, etc. Aswell as bounce sound from different materials.
    This is what i’m currently need :slight_smile:
    Hope it helps.

This pack is intended to cover combat situations in a fantasy/medieval themed game, and it already contains weapon sliding off, arrow hitting on wood and stone/hard surface. I’m also working on a Fantasy Interface pack that covers crafting, weaponsmithing, alchemy, dropping items etc.

Thank you very much for your feedback :slight_smile: I’ll create a new thread in the future when its time for polishing the Fantasy Interface pack. so I can grab more feedback oriented.

  1. The footstep sounds that are included in this pack are treated like a bonus, as the main focus here is the combat itself - weapons/shields, whooshes, melee etc. But I’m also working on a footstep sounds that will contain all these variations :slight_smile:
  2. Yes, I’m grouping swords, axes, knifes as one group and blunt(maces,staves etc) weapons as other. Hope this covers everything.

Yes, it helps **a lot. **Thank you very much for your feedback. Did you get the time to check the preview with the sounds? What did you think?

I’ve also added footsteps for light and heavy armor on grass, wood and concrete. Probably gonna add on gravel too.

Edit: I’m also gonna make some dash sounds for light and heavy armor. Feel free to add suggestions.

Any idea on when this will be released? I’ve been looking at a good comprehensive sound FX pack for medieval/fantasy game play.

hey postman09, thank you for your interest! I’m gonna send it to review in a coupe of weeks, so it will be available next month. Feel free to send me an email of the sounds your are looking that are not already included in the pack.

Pack is now online!

You can find it here: Medieval Combat Sounds in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace

Pack is 30% OFF until Friday 17th!