Relax licensing restraints.

Dear Epic,
A great way for people to use the unreal engine is to allow them to modify the code in order to get the game working for them, and then have them or force them to release said modified code open source, though just the modified code, not the proprietary code… If this had been in effect then maybe Silicon Knights would be around and Dennis Dyack wouldnt be the bane of poopsville because he would have been able to still make bank on said product and there would be no lawsuit in which case you never be able to collect…

how can you legally separate modified engine code and actual game code, game mechanics, unique shaders, etc.

umm, just wanted to point out that what your saying about relaxing the licensing and what Silicon knights did are not the same thing.

Right, the Silicon Knights debacle, IIRC, involved Silicon Knights basically stealing UE4 code, line for line, without paying license fees, and then re-releasing it as their own proprietary code. It wasn’t an issue of them being unable to modify the code - they were allowed full source access. It was an issue of them outright stealing the code by pretending that they wrote it.