Related on Dedicated Server

Hello everyone. I ask for advice from our members and leave paper.
I have no problem building the current dedicated server
and I need to specify the relationship between the master server and the dedicated server now,
which is not easy.

For example, as soon as the client starts the game Enter the lobby.
And when the client presses the button to create a room.
It calls the FPlatformProcess::CreateProc class function and successfully launches one of the Dedicated Servers.

The problem is from here.

The client needs to get a port number from dedicated server on which the client pops up,
but it does not fetch the dedicated server port when calling the GetWorld()->URL.Port or GetWorld()->GetAddressURL() function
to get the port number. It looks like the client is getting the port where client located.

Any process related to the dedicated server is okay.
If you know how to do this,
how to get the port of the poped up dedicated server, please ask for help.