REINST SKEL in blueprint structs - Is this a bug or not?


I’ve encountered some really strange behaviour in blueprint structs. Some of the structs in my project show “REINST SKEL” entrys when I add new variables to them as an option for the new variable type. There are even some “REINST REINST SKEL” entries, as you can see.

However, none of those strange “REINST” objects are in my project. I searched in the windows explorer for assets with this name but there were no results.

The strange thing is this: After adding a new variable, saving the struct, closing and restarting my project, the “REINST” entries are gone! Until I attempt to create a new variable inside my struct. Then they show up again.

So is this a bug or can I ignore this strange behaviour?

I’m really desperate about this issue and afraid if I can continue working on my project without solving the issue?

I’m really thankful for every bit of help :’(

Best regards,