Reimport Texture does not do anything

I used MakeHuman, saved as fbx, and drag/dropped into my project’s content browser. The FBX and materials and textures are all pulled in automatically. I drag the figure from the content browser into my virtual world, build, play and everything is great.

Then I try to modify the shirt texture tshirt_texture_blue.png. The changes are in the original directory where the model was dragged from. Then I open the texture in the UnrealEditor and click “Reimport” but the texture is still the unmodified original.

Next I delete all textures, materials, and the meshes from my project, and I reimport the whole model. Still, it is drawn the original way.

How is it possibly remembering the old texture when it has been edited and reimported?

Next I opened a brand-new, empty project and dragged in the FBX model. Again it somehow found the old textures. What is going on here? Do I have to change materials within MakeHuman before making the FBX file?

Finally, I copied my FBX and texture files to another temporary location, and dragged it into the project from there. Still no acknowledgement of the new textures. Something in the FBX file must be pointing to the original MakeHuman directory, instead of pointing into the extures subdirectory.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!

There is a bug in for this issue with UE-4989 already. Unfortunately, this is backlogged at the moment.

An alternative method would be to use the new Automatic-Asset Importing that was introduced with 4.7. All you need to do is save the source assets into the Content folder for your project. These assets will be automatically imported and anytime they are updated will automatically reimport.

You can read more about that here in the release notes for 4.7 - Unreal Engine 4.7 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation

I drag my edited texture into the Content Broswer. Do you want to overwrite the existing asset? YES.

Next question is “The specified texture already exists and will be overwritten. Do you want to keep the existing texture’s settings?”

How do I answer this? I have tried YES and I have tried NO. Both options remove the texture from my avatar, and the shirt has now turned black. What am I missing?