Regular mmorpg anim BP

Hi guys, we are trying to make an anim BP that would act like in a regular MMORPG.

Currently, we have one state machine, which contains one state for movement idle-walk-run movement, which further selects if combat or regular movement animations should be played. According to a bool varible, it just plays a blend space of animations with either weapon in hands or weapon on back. Later, we would like to add anim montages to this, like resting, combat and casting combos, jumping, etc.


The trouble is that we would like to play sheath and unsheath animations (pulling weapon out and putting it back) while switching between these two combat and noncombat movement blend spaces. Any idea how to do it theoretically? Would you the whole thing do in a completely different way?

Thanks for any advice.

Switching combat mode (the anim montages don’t play for some reason):

Image 2.png