Registering for Epic Games account (to run Unreal from Ubuntu)


I have been in touch with Epic Games support staff and they said to contact the unreal support team. Unfortunately, I can’t find them and the only option I see, is asking a question here.

I have an Ubuntu operating system and I want to run unreal from it. So I followed this quick start guide, which said I had to compile the unreal source code from my ubuntu OS to achieve this. However, to get hold of the source code, I needed to also link my unreal/Epic games account to my github account. So I followed these instructions:

  1. Log-in to using your credentials;
  2. Navigate to the account setting in the top-right corner;
  3. Open the “connections” tab;
  4. Switch to the “accounts” tab;
  5. Click the “connect” button under the logo of GitHub;
  6. Follow the pop-up instructions. You’ll be asked to log-in via your GitHub email and password.

However, when I get to bullet 6, I get the following response:

Sorry, but this github account has already been associated with another Epic Games account.

The issue is that it hasn’t. My github account has no links to other repositories or organisations. So I am at a complete loss on what this could be and wondering if the only solution is to delete my github account (I don’t really use it…yet) and then create a new one. But I don’t know if this will work (and will I get into email conflict issues if I do this?).