Regarding UE4 Scale

Hey guys, first post so go easy on me!

I’ve just moved to UE4 and already planning a map/level. I’m still in the early stages of blocking things out and figured I’d import a few test objects into UE4 from 3DSM to check the scale etc. My issue is that despite working in cm in 3DSM, when importing into UE4 (1 scale) everything is tiny. I’m using the default First Person test map and… yeah… the scale just seems way off O_o I decided to reverse engineer the issue and after creating a BSP box in UE that’s roughly the same height as the first person character, I imported into back into 3DSM to check the size and it’s apparently 15ft tall.

Am I missing something here or is UE4s default sizes just a bit crazy? I worked in UDK before now and never had an issue like this, 6ft in 3DSM was 6ft in UDK…

Any help would be great.

Hey there, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

In 3dsMax go to Customize -> Units Setup and choose “Generic Units” from that list, then click the button “System Unit Setup” at the top of the panel, and make sure that it is set to 1 unit = 1.0 Centimeters (by default it uses inches).

Also make sure when you export/import your Unit Scale setting is using CM as well, and that it is set to 1.0 for scale. This should be the same scale as your system unit’s though.

Hope that helps!