Regarding Packaging-Distribution-EULA-related_matters for windows

I wanna get my feet wet by publishing my game, let’s say to, without any previous knowledge atall :frowning: First off, when I package to windows, I get WindowsNoEditor containing folders- Engine, Prjoects, Menifest text and the exe file. So it’s all done here? I can just ZIP it and upload it?

But then, that does not looks like install-able game, you can just play the game clicking .exe file.

  • I found the “Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability” EULA provided by epic is necessary, how would I include the EULA in my game?

  • Also required me to provide “product credit” stated here - Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine , where & how would I include that? I saw credit menu in various games, so should I add another menu in the main menu, namely “credit” and that would be HUD Widget.

Apart from those main stream questions -

  • What measure should I take to make the game “one user only” means user can’t copy it to other PCs or redistribute it?

  • Anymore EULA/privacy policy required from my end, My game is offline and does not require any user data e.g. Log in, name etc?

  • If I using any Creative Common assets, I need to attribute that, so is that enough to mention that in the Credit menu, as I mentioned above?

  • Anything else can I do to optimize the game for better performance?

The method the game gets installed probably depends on the store that you submit it to, if you were to just share the game then you can make an installer using something like NSIS, basically it makes the install wizard and sets up the registry for the game.
You also probably need to get a code signing certificate–what that is is a verification of who you are for the computer to know that the installation is OK, when you try to install something it comes up with a window saying the publisher info, with a certificate it would have your name or company name there, otherwise it gives a warning about the program not being trustworthy.

So basically if I don’t wanna make it install-able, I can just zip the “windowsNoEditor” and share.

Would you like to solve one major issue, that how would I include the “credit” & EULA in my game provided by epic?

P.S. - For now, I think I’ll call a widget before loading the game with EULA & credit line below, make players to agree on it.

One of the things is that the “Made with UE4” video HAS to be one of the startup movies.

What I’ve noticed that it’s not necessary rather to do so, you need extra branding permission -

I see.

There is also this, Found it after quickly reading over the EULA and FAQ again.