Reflections on translucent surfaces broken when using blending cubemaps

Hello folks,
I’m posting this here since it went unanswered in the answer hub.

I ran into an issue with reflections on translucent surfaces while working on a day/night cycle which can be seen here:

On the left a Translucent sphere (set to Surface TranslucencyVolume), on the right an Opaque sphere. Both are black and are fully rough and metallic. They’re identical except the lighting mode.

We’re blending through different cubemaps on the Skylight which creates some nice reflections but as you can see the blending is gone in the translucent sphere which simply “snaps” from one cubemap to the other.

My assumption is that this is done for optimization purposes but it does create a very bad visual effect. I reported it as a bug and was somewhat disappointed to see it being moved to rendering in the answerhub.

Currently running 4.13.1 - any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Gian Paolo

Try the Surface ForwardShading lighting mode in 4.14.

We recently upgraded to 4.15.1 and this issue is still present. Regardless of the settings, it appears that reflections on translucent surfaces ignore blending cubemaps but only use one at a time.