Reflectiong Gun problem

Hello guys i have an idea but i dont know how to implement it
i created a homing missle that enemy shoot towards player and i want player to have gun that can reflect that homing missle towards enemy.
here is the part where i don’t know how to do. How can i make that when player use that gun it reflect that missle.
I think i need to calculate distanse between missle and player and when it is in player rage for example 100 units player can reflect it.

I would be glad if someone have a better idea and can share it with me.

Reflect - you mean to send homing missile back to enemy? If yes then :

  1. Get projectile location
  2. Get player location who wants to reflect missile
  3. Subtract those vectors and outputput into “length” node
  4. If length < X then you can set velocity of projectile towards enemy (look at rotation → forward vector × 1000) and set some enemy component as new homing target…