Reflection Probs

High I put a reflection sphere in the level and rebuilt the lighting and I’m not getting chrome like the sample image of my model below as viewed in Marmoset Toolbag 2

See both images - any ideas? thanks

btw creating a city block these are just some props I’ve made so far to fill it all out

I don’t see any reflection probe there, you need to make sure that you add multiple probes and that the object is within the radius of the probe. If the object is within the radius of the probe then it will receive reflections from that probe.

you need to make sure metallic and albedo maps are correct for chrome like material you want bright albedo. I marmorset albedo for metals is black so it might not work proper in ue


As darthviper107 mentioned you will want to add some Sphere Reflection Capture Actors with the bounds of the actor encompassing the entire bike mesh. What types of lights do you have in your scene as well?

Hi looks like it was an error when DDO exported the material it made the albedo black when it should of been bright for the chrome setting. I’m rebuilding the lighting now and I do have spheres in there to capture with a high radius. Just updating the texture seems to have helped get it closer.