Reflection Capture work in Editor not in Game

Reflection capture and even sky lights with cube maps, I can’t get them to render in game. If I make a simple test I can get that working. But in our level its so frustrating just renders black as soon as I build and run from the exe. Looks find in editor, doesn’t work in game.

4.11.2 (also tested in 4.10) Fully baked, static lighting. All lights set to static. With or without sky light still metals render black. Odd thing is when I make a toggle to hide actor with a key press it will turn on/off in editor correctly, but in game it makes screen space reflections on/off but metals are always black.

Any ideas? We have a few guys on it and it might just be a bug thats really hard to track down.

Maybe the built game is going to a low scalability setting?

Thanks for the reply! How do I know if that’s happening in build? However when I test in editor on “low” the reflection captures still work.

Figured it out! We had a matinee playing right before the execution load level. We just added an append to the sequence making another line to load level instead of loading it after the matinee (which was a white flash) and it fixed the issue.