Refining Live Link recording/editing curves?

The Live Link face recordings (within Unreal) are a great start, but the resulting faces (coming from Character Creator 3) are a little terrifying. How can I access/edit/refine curves on the recorded animation (i.e. set an offset for the cheeks, weight down the influence of one or two of the morph shapes, etc., preferably with graph editor interface)?

Check out videos here:

Which ones specifically? These all seem to be Metahumans in UE5. I’m using characters from Character Creator 3.

Aha–found it inside the animation window/curve editor tab, as far as the morphs go. What about head and eye rotation, though? And is there a way to limit the animation to head/eyes/morphs, and not freeze the whole body, thus forcing other animation to compete with the A-pose?