Referencing static meshes in Blueprints


I made a BP of a simple fan. It consists of two static meshes, the rim and the fan(blades):


Now I set up some nodes for the rotation.
It works and rotates, but it rotates the entire ensemble. I want to reference only the fan mesh to be affected by the rotation.
Somehow it doesnt let me specify a target for the rotation. How do I specify that target :confused:
If I create a normal variable reference (get), it says that they are not compatible…


What am I doing wrong?


I think it’s because in your components the Rim is the root object.
Click “Add Component” and scroll the whole way down and click “Scene”.
Drag both meshes in to the Scene object so the Scene object is the root and then drag the Fan mesh out of the Rim mesh in to the Scene object so it’s not a child of the Rim mesh.
Make it look like the image above, the names are different because I’m just using my own asset as an example.

Let me know if this helps! :stuck_out_tongue:

you add rotation to the actor which is the blueprint, so all components. You have to add rotation to the component.
from your fan variable drag a wire and type add rot then you’ll have your add rotation for component.


I tried it but did not work.
Besides, the Fan would still be a sub object. In both cases, being the child of the rim, or a child of a scene object (together with the rim), I cant connect the nodes.


Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


EDIT: @Fen

Thanks. Its working now. Just saw your post now… :smiley: