Referencing a Skeletal Mesh from another Blueprint

Running into an issue trying to reference a Skeletal Mesh from another Blueprint. I’ve watched a pile of youtube videos and purchased and watched a few Udemy courses now on Blueprints. Nobody seems to go into any detail on this particular scenario, going to try and describe it as best I can. I have a weapon that is made from a Skeletal mesh. I have a blueprint for that Skeletal Mesh, in order to apply a grab and drop action (See screenshot below). I have a grab (pickup) event that fastens my bow to my VR hand mesh. I have my drop event essentially just making my weapon disappear. The objective now, is to cause “things” to happen based on motion controller input (details continue below the screenshot below).

First, I’d like my bow visibility to be separate from my mesh hands visibility, in that I’d like Grab + Y Button to restore visibility for the bow. I don’t want to just use grab, otherwise I can’t grab other things because I’d always be holding my bow, and it would look ridiculous to have both objects held together, it would be annoying to venture thru the whole game constantly holding the bow, etc… Upon releasing the grip, I want the bow to go back to being invisible. Finally, I want to have a trigger based on a collider that makes the bow’s arrow appear when you come in contact with the collider using a specific VR hand mesh (right hand in this case), and then upon grabbing and releasing on that motion controller, I want to cause the arrow to fire forward (impulse). I’ve had small successes that aren’t ideal, but my main problem seems to be that I can reference the Skeletal Mesh from my motion controller Blueprint. I can use root and make everything disappear using the approach in the screenshot below, but this makes my VR mesh hands disappear along with the bow. I want to make only the bow disappear and reappear, so that my hands are free to grip other objects in the game when the bow is not “in use”. I tried casting to the bow blueprint, but a get only produces children under the Skeletal mesh, and I’ve tried doing a get to parent and children items, but nothing seems to target the Skeletal Mesh. I also tried creating a variable and referencing the Skeletal Mesh. I’m assuming the motion controller programming needs to be in the Motion Controller blueprint. I know when I add motion controller events to the bow blueprint itself (where I can easily reference the Skeletal mesh - just drag it in), it seems to cancel out and cause the grip functionality to just stop working all together. I tried removing the logic from the Motion Controller and putting it just in the bow Blueprint, and no joy either. Does anyone know where I might be going wrong? This is driving me nuts. If I can’t figure out the basic motion controller logic for interaction with the pawn’s weapon, I don’t have a game essentially. I’ve been able to program an impulse for the arrow to shoot, but only from the motion controller (i.e.; mesh hand), not the bow, because I can’t figure out how to reference the bow from the Motion Controller blueprint. Please Help!!! (: (: (: