Referencing a game object as a global variable

I’m building a game that’s basically a quick, singleplayer version of Guess Who for a game jam. At the start of the game, a group of people are randomly generated from a set of faces, hair and clothing. One of the people will be the players target, and the player will be shown a picture before they start. They’re then given a small amount of time to find the person and win the game.

As of right now, we have random NPC generation and raycasting from the player camera to select an NPC. My plan from here was to randomly select an NPC from an array at the start of the level, so the player a picture of the NPC, and compare they person they selected with the character referenced. However, no one I’m working with is very familiar with C++, so we’re relying entirely on Blueprints to get this done. From what I understand, creating a globally visible reference to an instance of a game object isn’t easily done with blueprints, so I’m looking for ideas for solutions, or alternative ideas that could achieve the same result.