References to uasset explote

hello epic, after work in a project for some time, we need copy some files from one place to another, share with my work team and at last project manager to move file everywhere, but i notice unreal confuse or i dont know how say, the references in some blueprints,
1./ one time i lost my project he just crash when open, the last action after that, was modify scale of component in a blueprint actor, fortunately i have a copy.
2./ another time, again i lost my project, the last action this time was run game in standalone from the editor, when the habital save uassets before launch standalone, he crash and never back, ones again i have a copy but was hard to recover, in fact i delete de **** project then i replace with my copy, but in the main window where lauch unreal the old project previously delete still exists ??? wtf happen i dont know, but now i have two projects the old crashed and the new one copy, but whatever no work, for recover i do this> delete all project, then unistall unreal and then reinstall unreal, after copy the project again to the unreal project folder, this time all works fine, but my heart is beating to hard of course.
3./ the last issue was with a soundwave variable type, in a timeline a hat a event handle to fire the sound at location command, but when i move my project i need combine with a team member, i replace some files because of course they are the same exact file with no modification, my sorprise was when i try to modify my sound trigger, this sound play in any scenario, no matter if i delete from my content browser, maybe madness

i know that is my problem for my weird work path, but some tutorial of correct content managment will be great!!