Reference Node Disconnect with Actor Component after Compile

Hey, i still got the reference node disconnect bug.

How to generate it:

If you create a c++ actor component and add it onto a character, drag out the reference and do something with it, for example calling a function that is defined in the c++ actor component.

The reference node will get disconnected after you add or remove variables, that can be seen in blueprints, in the header file of the actor component and make a compile within Unreal 4.

It seems to happen only if you use the component reference from a different blueprint than the character blueprint. For example if you create a new blueprint and take the character reference and from that character reference take the component reference.

And also whenever the header file of the c++ actor component is changed.

Hey -

This is an issue with hot reloading. When the changes are made in code it changes the signature of the component. This is why the character blueprint where the component has been added has to be compiled again before the reference in the second blueprint can be reconnected. This ensures that the updated information for the reference is being used properly. To avoid the disconnect you can close the editor before compiling the code. When you reopen the editor it will already be using the updated code and will not cause the wires to break.