Reference Matinee in HUD Blueprint?

I noticed that a HUD blueprint won’t allow Matinee (Naturally), but is there a way to trick the blueprint into thinking its a normal blueprint or to search for the Matinee actor in the HUD blueprint to trigger the Matinee?


I’ve created a main menu in Blueprint and before opening the level, I want to trigger my Matinee (Which is a fade-in), so instead of Button > Load Level, I want to Button > Matinee then Matinee > When Event Finished, Tell Blueprint > Blueprint listen for Event > Open Level. In a normal blueprint, this works fine. However, in the HUD blueprint, there’s no Matinee controls (As it’s a HUD).

Any advice?


When not just start the Matinee when you begin play if you want it to play from the beginning of the level?

Just create a ‘Event Begin Play’ node in the level blueprint, get a reference the the matinee actor in the level, create a play function by dragging off of it and connet the Level event to the input. Should work fine.

(Plus, you can’t play a matinee if it’s in an unloaded level anyway ;))

Yeah, I have a fade in on the level it’s loaded into. But for some reason, Because the HUD is present in a previous level, even though it’s not in the level it’s loading into, all matinee’s break. But I’m sure I can find out why. That’s a completely different problem for another day :stuck_out_tongue:

What I wanted to do is have a fade out of the main menu INTO the Fade in of the new level. I have the fade in of the level and I have the fade out matinee ready, but as it’s a HUD, there’s no way to talk to Matinee is there? :confused: