Reduse package size (Windows build)

Hello guys. I have one question.

Is there any way to reduce the package size of my build?

I have my content, that weights 12mb (There is no starter content) and Engine folder, that is 104mb…

Is there any way to reduce it the engines stuff?

Coz I looked up, there is PhysX folder, that weights about 25mb. I do not need physics at all… I do not have a characher, just a camera orbiting around one object. It’s some kind of small presentation.

I do not need AI functionality, do not need particles, skeletal meshes.

I know, that you can remove the functionality by deleting some parts from source code, but i’m not a programmer or someone like that. But if you can show, what lines and what parts I need to remove, I can do that and recompile my Unreal Engine.

ANY way to reduce it, pls, tell, show, or whatever you can do, coz many people ran into this problem, so it will be awesome, if someone could help.

Okay… First way, that I found, is to remove Slate, Maps, MobileResources and EngineMeshes folders from Engine/Content of packaged build. That can save about 20-25mb.

Any other suggestions?