Reducing hard drive size requirements

Please, could you reduce editor size and size of the project which takes on the hard drive.

Yes UE is big and it’s for a reason. There is not much you can do except for a few things below. Any of the following steps are optional, and require a little bit of experience, so make sure you make copies of important data before doing anything.

You can reduce physical size of many content types simply by enable compression on a partition / drive. Tho i wouldn’t recommend doing so because it may take longer to load and save. Another option just copy the entire engine folder to another drive, and create a symbolic link (mklink command in windows) that points the original location to the new place. That way you can free some space on a drive without loosing stuff. Get rid of debug symbols they tend to take up lot of space. Delete the unneccessary stuff from saved folder. Turn off visual studio’s pch files (they accumulate in .vs folder of project) with “Disable Automatic Precompiled Header” in vs options. Clean up cook and intermediate data. Doing so will result in longer cook and compile times, may it be your last option.