Reducing folder size

Does anyone have any tips for reducing project that has dramatically shot up in size from around 2gig to 12.

I read that there is a cache folder called DerivedDataCache that may be cleared. Is this true and would it help?


The Saved folder contains backups, autosaves, and things like that and it can be safely deleted. In my experience this is usually the largest part of the project folder size, and I tend to delete it on a regular basis.

The Intermediate and Binaries folders can also be deleted if you are transferring the project to another computer or archiving it. They will be recreated when you open the project, so generally not helpful to delete if you are in the middle of development.

The DerivedDataCache is similar. It can be deleted, but it will be recreated the next time you open the project and can make the project take significantly longer to open. If you have finished working on a project, it can save space to clear it, but if you are continuing development you might as well just leave it, I think (but others may have more insight?).

Thank you do much for that! That’s really useful. Will give that a go.


I also quit when I finished working on the Backup and Binary project.
Datacache I didn’t know you could cancel.
Excellent topic, it would be useful to have other opinions to know what you can keep and what not.
It would also be very useful to know how to optimize the package when it is packaged.