Reduce Opacity on Static or Dynamic Meshs that would occlude Players or Enemies

Greetings everyone!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to hide static mesh objects when I switch the player camera to isometric perspective. I’ve seen some tutorials and even attempted to use some marketplace plugins, but they just don’t work as I’m wanting to.

I currently opting for either hiding the object occluding the player or just using a post-processing material that renders the player behind walls.
The best examples I’ve seen are Diablo 3 and Hades.

I had also attempted to replicate what I saw in this thread with no luck, I probably messed something up.

This is an example I found on a very old thread, it had no explanation IIRC.

This is a small clip from Hades, pay close attention to how enemies behind pillars are visible.

This is what I’m currently using:
The first and second pictures are related, the third is just the post-processing material.

I hope I can get some pointers on what to look for or do.