Reduce Cull for animated Skeletal Mesh

I was wondering if Unreal allows Custom animated Meshes like a tree blowing in the wind to be connected through instancing…Its very obvious how to Instance Static Meshes I would hope it would be for Skeletal meshes as well but its isn’t from what I’ve noticed…Also I understand you can plug in a static mesh into the Foliage Paint feature but that feels extremely limiting if you are thinking about animating inside the Blueprint editor.

I can understand if this isn’t a built in feature but if its not I truly hope its added. I’m guess if you Understand C++ to a good degree this is something you can code easily.
In Unity I believe this is now a feature.

I am A 3d artiest and I would love to show off my beautiful custom animated environments without destroying my CPU with cull counts as my GPU should easily handle my Low poly models.