Recycled scene ;)

Hi everyone!
Recently, I got my hands on Unreal Engine 4 (finally!). I used some of my old stuff to check if the new engine is any good :wink: I’ve got say it really looks better!
HighresScreenshot00013.jpg HighresScreenshot00011.jpg HighresScreenshot00014.jpg HighresScreenshot00015.jpg HighresScreenshot0001522.jpg
I hope you like it!

It looks better than in UDK :slight_smile: Good work!

Reminds me of Zeno Clash :cool: (bird people!)

Looks nice. I can’t quite identify what that material is supposed to be. Looks a bit like snow.

It’s flesh and skin. I didn’t figure out the right SSS parameters. This is how it looked on UE 3 -

Wow that UE3 video is pretty creepy XD The SSS makes things look pretty nice in the UE4 version!

Yep, that is creepy. Looks better animated.

It’s looking good TAP-CHAN! Keep it up!