Recycled scene ;)

Hi everyone!
Recently, I got my hands on Unreal Engine 4 (finally!). I used some of my old stuff to check if the new engine is any good :wink: I’ve got say it really looks better!

I hope you like it!

It looks better than in UDK :slight_smile: Good work!

Reminds me of Zeno Clash :cool: (bird people!)

Looks nice. I can’t quite identify what that material is supposed to be. Looks a bit like snow.

It’s flesh and skin. I didn’t figure out the right SSS parameters. This is how it looked on UE 3 - ?v=761x6VgFNTI

Wow that UE3 video is pretty creepy XD The SSS makes things look pretty nice in the UE4 version!

Yep, that is creepy. Looks better animated.

It’s looking good TAP-CHAN! Keep it up!