Recreating "Old style" terrain manipulation

Hi :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about a way to solve this problem for quite some time, however not with any success.

The case is having a grid based landscape that the player can manipulate at runtime by changing the height of the corners where the plains align. It was often used in older games like Sims, Simgolf, Simcity among others.
I have thought of three possible solutions, each with their own problems.

  1. Landscape manipulation. If it was possible to edit the vertices of the landscape at runtime, this would be the perfect solution. However it is not. There are some voxel plugins out there, but that would not make it confined into the grid style i am looking for.

  2. Make a custom mesh at runtime. I dont even know if this is possible, but if you could create your own mesh at runtime by defining the locations of the vertices, it would be fairly easy. It is possible in other programs to define your own meshes at GPU level, but donโ€™t know if itโ€™s possible in Unreal.

  3. Create static meshes. I could create a static mesh for every situation possible, but that would put severe limits on it. The workload would be corners^(allowed height differences) meaning that if one corner is at height 1, the max height another can have is 4, would mean to create roughly 4^3 = 64 meshes (some could be reused or rotated but generally a high designload)

So does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem :slight_smile: