Recovery of a corrupt sequence from crash? Any help or advice?

Hi guys,

Recently I had a project in 4.15.3 and was working on a very detailed sequencer file. Suddenly had a BSOD from a stupid driver issue and when I came back and loaded the project, the content of course was fully intact but when trying to open the sequencer file for that level, I would get a “Failed to load data” error in the notification block in lower right-hand corner. At later examination in the error logs for the engine. it would state that the file was corrupt with the following:

“Post Tag is not valid. File might be corrupted”

this was found in the UObject LinkerLoad file. I’m attaching the sequencer file and was curious if there was any hope by utilizing the \Saved\Backup files that are still all intact from before and after the crash. Though I backup like a madman I ended up not having backed up sequencer file from that day, as I save and rewrite that same sequencer file if I’m working over a few hours.

Just curious if there is a way to recover or recreate if you have the backup uasset files.

Helpful advice only please. I am working alone so I’m not using source control.

Thanks for any help that can be offered!

Have you tried recovery software? I suggest you to read about Disk Drill app
fe79296d38b8.png](PowerPoint Recovery on Mac. Recover Deleted PPT File (2022))
Last time I recovered all deleted files even from formatted drive on my mac with its help. You just need to follow the instruction.