Recording camera movement to level sequence


I have been reading numerous forum posts and watching sequence recording tutorials and I cannot figure out how to successfully get a Level Sequence to record camera movement. I have a simple scene where I am just flying the viewport camera through/ around a field of objects and would like to capture the motion of the camera however everytime that I record the sequence it does not seem to capture the motion of the camera. When I hit PLAY and enter the level am I viewing the environment through the default CameraActor?(assuming I am using an empty level with default settings)

Is specifying CameraActor as the actor to record in Sequence Recorder the proper process or should I be doing something else? I’ve found descriptions of how to achieve something similar in matinee using a director group but am unsure how to achieve a simple recording of camera movements in Level Sequence. Please let me know if you have any tips or can point me toward any existing tutorials/videos

Thanks so much!

It can depend on how your project is set up.

With a ThirdPersonProject, if you record the ThirdPersonCharacter, there’s an attached FollowCamera that you can look through once done recording.
With a FirstPersonProject, if you record the FirstPersonCharacter, there’s an attached FirstPersonCamera.

Those should give you the camera movement.